What Do We Do?

Leave your agenda at the door.100+ Women Who Care Hanna is a group of area women & teens who come together four times a year to pool resources and contribute to local and worthy non-profits.  We come from all walks of life and varying financial backgrounds and leave our agendas at the door.  As individuals, it is difficult to make a very large impact, but as a group we believe we have the ability to contribute to the growth of our communities in ways that we never before thought possible.  To put it simply, we are giving circles focused on making collective gifts to local nonprofits.

100+ Women Who Care Hanna, encourage members to give back.  Driving grassroots awareness and encouraging others to get involved is important to us. We know that everyone has something to give – some of us have time, others skills.  Our members donate $100 ($25 for ages 14-17) every four months, and if they find an organization they click with, they start volunteering their time or skills.

Positive Impact
  1. There is an amazing sense of power and excitement in the room. 
  2. Many women are, for the first time, entering the world of philanthropy through this model.  “Philanthropy breeds philanthropy.”
  3. At each meeting,  women in the community are learning about the needs of their neighbours and the agencies and organizations that serve them.
  4. Every organization who is chosen to present,  has the opportunity to showcase its projects.  Even if it is not chosen, it has exposure to over 100 women.