What Being a Member Means

Do You

√  Believe in local charities and local causes
√  Want to see the impact that your donations make
√  Find yourself committed to helping but stretched for time
√  Want to be part of a powerful group of  local women
√  Want 100% of your donation to go directly to a local non-profit
√  Want to learn more about the many worthy programs and organizations in our area

The Goal…

… is to support the non-profit and charitable organizations that are in Hanna and the surrounding area. There are so many groups that are working hard to make our community a better, healthier, stronger place to live.

We Don’t Stop…

… at 100 women.  We want as many members as we can get. We welcome teens and businesses as well.  The more involved, the bigger the impact we can have on our community.   Join us and experience that feeling of knowing that you directly impacted lives for the better four times a year!

To Become a Member…

… please fill out the Registration and Commitment Form online or you can complete it in paper form and bring with you to our next meeting.   There is also a team option for women who would like to participate with someone in order to share in the cost of the total donation.

Together We Will…

… bring together 100 (or more) women & youth from Hanna and the surrounding area who care about local community causes and who are committed to community service.
… meet for an hour. (or less!)
… jointly select a local charity or non-profit organization (nominated in advance).
… each write a $100* cheque, cash or electronic transfer (100womenhanna@gmail.com) to 100+ Women Who Care Hanna and watch how the group’s commitment turns into a $10,000+ donation.
… do that four times a year and witness how $40,000 can improve the lives of our neighbours when placed in the hands of deserving grass-roots agencies working to serve the local community.

*You can contribute the $100 yourself, or with another person or group of people. However, you will only be registered as one member, and therefore have one vote.

*Ages 14-17 qualify as youth members and are required to provide $25 per quarter.  Youth members can join as a team as well.