Hanna Curling Club

100+ Women Who Care Hanna were pleased to present Brett Peterson on behalf of the Hanna Curling Club with a donation of $5,425.

The Hanna Curling Club is primarily volunteer.  Positions include board members, club members that help organize leagues and bonspiels, volunteer bar staff, and also paid members which include ice makers and cleaning staff.

The Club has been operating out of its current location since the early 80’s. The Club currently has an agreement in place with the Town of Hanna that allows us to use the ice level during the winter for curling as well as manage the lounge area year round. The Town and the Club have also worked out a deal to assist the club with operating costs

The club’s facilities are starting to show their age and it was decided that a bathroom renovation in the upstairs lounge area would be priority.  Even with the financial assistance in place from the Town,  about 80 percent of the Curling Club’s funds are committed to operating costs.

The Hanna Curling Club recognizes that the gift from 100 Women Hanna will go a long way to help renovate the upstairs bathrooms.  The renovation will ensure that the facilities reflect the love and passion that the members have for this game as well as ensuring the community has access to a place that the public can also enjoy for years to come.

Hanna SPCA 3rd Quarter Recipient

November 19, 2018

The Hanna SPCA was the third recipient of a generous donation from the members of 100+ Women Hanna.  $5,225 will go a long way to help pay their bills and keep providing a safe and warm environment for stray or temporarily lost fur friends.

The SPCA takes in and cares for approximately 120 stray or ownerless animals every year from all over East Central Alberta. At any time, we are caring for an estimated 30 cats and 1 dog. The SPCA acts as the pound for the Town of Hanna, as well as a lost-and-found pet service for the community. We also operate a feral cat “catch-and-release” program to help in controlling the local stray population. The SPCA also draws a number of visitors in to the community for adoptions. In 2016/17, adopters came from as far as Grande Prairie, Slave Lake, Lethbridge, North Battleford, and Revelstoke.

Our annual income averages roughly $55 000; mostly from private donations, a grant from the town of Hanna, and fundraising activities. Our annual expenses generally total approximately $57,000. The expenses consist mostly of veterinary costs, daily animal care supplies, and facility expenses (such as utilities).

Volunteers Still Needed

One of our greatest challenges for the SPCA, outside of finances, is finding long-term volunteers. The SPCA has no paid staff and is operated only by dedicated volunteers. There is a simple application process for potential volunteers. Volunteers can give as much time as they would like to, from one, generally 2 hour shift per month to 5+ per week, if they were highly ambitious. A shift consists of administering medications, basic cleaning, scooping litter boxes & walking any dogs in our care, and most important of all…interacting with the animals! There are also board positions open for those who would like to volunteer a different way.

The SPCA strives to provide the best service to our community, and a caring temporary (or in some cases permanent) home to our animal friends. Feel welcome to stop by for a visit, the cats and our volunteers would love to have you!


(403) 854-3700



Royal Canadian Legion No. 25 Hanna

August 13, 2018

Dianne Lance and John Akkermans speak to the members of 100+ Women Who Care Hanna about the renovation projects undertaken by the Hanna Legion Hall.

100+ Women Who Care Hanna are pleased to announce that the Hanna Legion was the recipient of their second quarterly donation.  The gift amounted to $5,125.  Dianne Lance and John Akkermans spoke about the renovations the Legion members have undertaken recently and the projects yet to come to keep the building in good repair.  The duo told the 100+ Women Hanna members that the next project they need to complete is the replacement of the upstairs windows and doors on the south side of the hall.  They had already received a quote from Anchor Glass in the amount of $6,625.

The main source of revenue for the Hanna Legion Hall is rent.  That said, they donate the hall for use by many organizations and needs.  Minor sports such as soccer and 4-H have been recipients of this generosity and more recently, the Parkinson’s support group.  Poppy Fund monies cannot be used for building renovations and can only be used for support of veterans and families.

Dianne Lance and John Akkermans on behalf of the Hanna Legion Hall accept a donation of $5,125 from the members of 100+ Women Who Care Hanna.

Some of the recent projects completed in  the Hall include:

Reroof the kitchen – Hanna Building Supplies $4000
Replaced heating boiler – Sinclair Plumbing – $35,000
Paint main floor hall. Volunteer labour – $480
Windows in upstairs bar – Anchor Glass – $5000
Refinish Mainfloor – Bill’s Building $11,000

Dianne and John pointed out that all of the money spent on renovations so far has been spent locally.

100+ Women Who Care Hanna present $5,125 to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 25 Hanna.

DEMSA Receives 100 Women Hanna’s First Donation

DEMSA & Members of 100 Women Hanna

May 28,  2018

“You can’t imagine the relief I feel.  I’m just in disbelief that people will come together and do something so wonderful.”  Betty Landis, DEMSA

Betty Landis, speaking about DEMSA to the members of 100 Women Hanna in May 2018.
Betty Landis, speaking about DEMSA to the members of 100 Women Hanna in May 2018.

It is with great excitement, that the members of 100+ Women Who Care Hanna, announce that the first recipient of their

collective donation of $4,625 $4,925 $5,025 goes to Dryland Emergency Medical Services (DEMSA).  DEMSA provides emergency medical responder care within the member response area. The members of DEMSA are medically trained volunteers, willing to respond to an emergency call anytime, day or night when available.  They also provide necessary medical coverage at many local events, especially rodeos.

The following are just a few facts, shared by Betty Landis in her 5 minute presentation to the members of 100 Women Hanna.


    • DEMSA was formed in 1995 and became incorporated in 1996.
      May 2018 - members enjoy the presentation from the 3 chosen non profits.
      May 2018 – members enjoy the presentation from the 3 chosen non profits.
    • Inspired by a tragic accident about an hour’s distance from the closest ambulance or medical center, which was Hanna.
    • Because so many local citizens live such a distance from a health care facility, the goal is to be able to reach the victim quicker, providing emergency care during the golden hour.
  • Started with a group of 5, peaked at 23 members and are currently at 15.  Have gone from having everyone registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics to having some RN’s, LPN’s and Medical First Responders.
  • Received 106 calls for service in 2017.   Weren’t able to attend them all, in which case, Alberta Health Services responds as expected.

About The Equipment

  • Applause for the DEMSA presentation
    Applause for the DEMSA presentation

    Started out by personally funding their own trauma bags and built their own backboards.

  • Grants allowed DEMSA to purchase a used ambulance & equipment from Hanna Ambulance.  Unfortunately, just before the ambulance transition with Alberta Health Services, the ambulance was deemed to be completely depreciated and it was turned back to Alberta Health Services.
  • Have used donations and grants to purchase AED’s for rural communities.
  • Recently applied for and received a decommissioned ambulance from Alberta Health Services.  Decommissioned = lots of maintenance and repairs. It is officially called a First Response Unit rather than an ambulance.

About Training

  • Betty Landis, speaking about DEMSA to the members of 100 Women Hanna.
    Betty Landis, speaking about DEMSA to the members of 100 Women Hanna.

    Annual registration with the Alberta College of Paramedics as well as continuing educations credits and personal liability insurance are required for each member to keep their certification.

  • Every DEMSA member is a volunteer so asking these volunteers, who may otherwise hold full time jobs, to take time off from work in order to complete the required 120 credits of training every year plus pay for their $525 annual registration with the Alberta College of Paramedics and $50 personal liability insurance all out of pocket, seems like a lot to ask.

About Generating Revenue

  • Soon began taking over the volunteer portion of events that were being covered by Hanna Ambulance.  Doing this became a way to generate some revenue.
  • BBQ’s
  • Some grants
  • Are very grateful for the support from private donors and community organizations.
  • Charge a fee for pro rodeo coverage, otherwise, for non pro events, ask for whatever the group can afford to pay.  They provide coverage at the following events:
    • The Steering Committee of 100 Women Hanna present a cheque on behalf of the members to Betty Landis, representing DEMSA.
      The Steering Committee of 100 Women Hanna present a cheque on behalf of the members to Betty Landis, representing DEMSA.
    • Hanna Safe Grad
    • 4-H Rodeo’s
    • High School Rodeo’s
    • Handhills Pro Rodeo
    • Oyen Bullarama
    • Hardgrass Bron March
    • Hanna Cruisers Car Races
    • Hanna Motocross
    • Little Britches Rodeo
    • Wade Buchwitz memorial Rodeo
    • All Girls Rodeo
    • Handhills Family Rodeo
    • Hanna Pro Rodeo

    How Will the 100+ Women Who Care Donation be Used?

    • The oil pump on the First Response Unit needs to be replaced.  It is estimated to cost approximately $10,000.
    • Depending on the cost of the oil pump replacement, DEMSA want to bring training into the community to get more members trained. This training typically costs $6,000 or more to hold locally.

    Going Forward

    • In order to keep DEMSA viable, more people will need to be trained.
    • This group operates year to year, investing any money they are able to acquire into their members for training and into equipment and supplies for lifesaving.
    • If anyone is interested in learning more or becoming involved with DEMSA, they can contact 100 Women Hanna, Betty Landis, Doray Veno or Cindy Kelbert.

    On behalf of the members of 100 Women Hanna, thank you for your ongoing commitment to emergency response in our rural areas.