We are Proud to Present

Roundhouse Society

Whenever I step into what we call the ‘Great Hall’ of the 1913 Canadian Northern Railway Roundhouse, my breath is taken away as my gaze moves upward to the high…

Hanna Dance Association

100+ Women Hanna is proud to present $4,900 to Hanna Dance Association. Hanna Dance Association has been a parent run non profit organization since it was formed  in 1990 by…

JC Charyk School Scholarship Fund

100+ Women Who Care Hanna are pleased to donate $4,900 to the J.C. Charyk Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund was established and funded through

Hanna Minor Ball

May 27, 2019: The first meeting of Year 2 of 100+ Women Who Care Hanna was held Monday night and Hanna Minor Ball is taking home $4,800!

Kelsey Martin and Owen Francis presented that the issue Minor Ball is having is drainage at the triplex. After 25+ years of use, the triplex diamonds have lost slope.

Hanna Curling Club

100+ Women Who Care Hanna were pleased to present Brett Peterson on behalf of the Hanna Curling Club with a donation of $5,425.

Hanna SPCA 3rd Quarter Recipient

November 19, 2018 The Hanna SPCA was the third recipient of a generous donation from the members of 100+ Women Hanna.  $5,225 will go a long way to help pay…

Royal Canadian Legion No. 25 Hanna

August 13, 2018

100+ Women Who Care Hanna are pleased to announce that the Hanna Legion was the recipient of their second quarterly donation.  The gift amounted to $5,125.  Dianne Lance and John Akkermans spoke about the renovations the Legion members have undertaken recently and the projects

DEMSA Receives 100 Women Hanna’s First Donation

DEMSA & Members of 100 Women Hanna

May 28,  2018

It is with great excitement, that the members of 100+ Women Who Care Hanna, announce that the first recipient of their collective donation of $4,625 $4,925 $5,125 goes to Dryland Emergency Medical Services (DEMSA). DEMSA provides emergency medical responder care