Presentation Tips

Presentation Tips

You want your organization to receive a donation so make sure you develop a compelling presentation. Your 5-minute presentation is key, and although it will be low-tech (we don’t have time for PowerPoint presentations or hand-outs), you can easily deliver a presentation that resonates with 100+ Women Who Care Hanna members.

1) Introduction: Know the Facts

In the first minute of your presentation, introduce your organization and your relationship to it. Tell our members about your group: who you are, what you do, how you do it, the people you serve, and the impact you have.

2) Speak From the Heart ♥

Tell us about the organization.  Let members know how this organization makes a difference and demonstrate how it has made an impact by telling a personal story or the story of someone else. Testimonials and real-life events will help us make an emotional connection, and leave us with a better understanding of your organization’s value.

3) Show Them the Money
  • What is the current financial position of the organization? (ie: Do you have surplus money in the bank or does your organization operate at break even?)
  • If your organization receives a donation how will the funds be used, who will benefit and can it be spent locally? (ie: Will the funds be used to purchase supplies, materials or technology? Will the donation be used to expand a program or service?)
  • How does this benefit the community? Members want to make a wise choice about the non-profit they vote for.
  • Will the money go towards a specific program or the non-profit’s general operating budget?  
  • Who is responsible for the program/activity/organization that the funding will benefit?  
  • Does your organization or project have other sources of revenue? What are they and what are they used for?

You don’t need to memorize financial statements or go into detail, but be informed and take the time to explain how a 100+ Women Who Care Hanna donation will impact the community.  Remember, members are tasked with a difficult decision to make based on 5 minutes of information.  Use it wisely.

4) Practise

Being familiar with your material will give you confidence, help the flow of your presentation and ensure that you keep it to five minutes.  Speak  clearly and loudly.  Members can’t vote for your organization if they can’t understand what you are saying.

Use your 5 minutes to inform and inspire.  Even if your organization doesn’t receive a donation, educating the audience is beneficial. As a result of your presentation,  members will know more about your services,  talk to others about the organization, make a donation, become a volunteer or sit on the board.  Whatever happens, your presentation will have a positive impact.  Remember, you are among a group of committed and supportive women who want you and the Hanna area to succeed.  Speak from the heart, relax and have fun!