Non-Profit Inquiries

Passion led us hereAre you a local charity, non-profit or worthy cause in Hanna and surrounding area (Craigmyle, Delia, Hand Hills, Youngstown, Spondin, etc)? 

How can charitable organizations access funds donated by the members of 100+ Women  Who Care Hanna?

  • Members in good standing nominate an organization for consideration.
  •  Three nominations are randomly drawn and vetted by the steering committee Representatives of the non-profits are notified and asked to make a 5 minute presentation at the meeting and members vote. The organization with the greatest amount of votes is the recipient of the funds that evening and is removed from the selection process for a period of two years.
Does your organization meets the nomination criteria?
  • Based in Hanna or surrounding areas (Craigmyle, Delia, Hand Hills, Youngstown, Spondin, etc).
  • Must be previously established for at least 1 year (no start-ups).
  • No national or international charities, programs or organizations will be considered as the focus is on contributing back into our local community.  National organizations that have a program where 100% of the funds will be donated back to the Hanna area MAY be eligible for nomination.
  • An organization that is selected for the group donation may not be considered again for two years.
  • Members nominate an organization for consideration 4 times a year when 100+ Women Who Care Hanna put out a Call for Nomination to the members.
  • The receiving organization will be asked to attend a future meeting to acknowledge the member that nominated them, report to the membership about their project and the impact the donation made.
All the nonprofits that are nominated must agree to the following criteria:
  • Commit to spending a substantial portion of the funds awarded by our members in the Hanna area when the products and services are available locally.
  • Agree not to solicit the members directly for further contributions.
  • Agree not to create, sell or distribute a list with our members’ contact information.
  • After funds are awarded, provide a spokesperson to present to our members at a future meeting.
  • Must not have been a 100+ Women Who Care Hanna awarded non-profit in the past two years.
We, the members of 100+ Women Who Care Hanna, are passionate and engaged

We support causes we feel connected to, give back to our communities in a meaningful way and have a message that resonates with us.  We may not always have the time to volunteer with your organization, but we want to learn as much as we can and support however we can.  With the 100+ Women Who Care model, that means a cash donation that goes right into your pocket. No red-tape and no hassle.