Hanna Minor Ball

May 27, 2019: The first meeting of Year 2 was held Monday night and Hanna Minor Ball is taking home $4,800!

Kelsey Martin and Owen Francis presented that the issue Minor Ball is having is drainage at the triplex.  After 25+ years of use, the triplex diamonds have lost slope.

They presented 3 goals of the project:

  1. Recontour the playing surfaces to allow water to drain.
  2. Plant trees to help shield players and spectators from the wind.
  3. Have a facility suitable for hosting tournaments and bringing dollars into the community.

The organization plans to use the donation to leverage additional funding and to be used as seed money for fundraising.  It is estimated that the entire project will cost between $150,000 and $275,000 depending on in-kind and volunteer contributions.  So far diamonds #1 and #3 have been surveyed and designed and plans are in place to survey and design diamond #2 by the end of June.  Depending on fundraising, they hope to move into construction in the fall of 2020.

Immediately after the meeting, both Owen and Kelsey had to return to the diamonds to coach ball.  A short time later, we received the photo above with the smiling faces of the ball team.