Hanna SPCA 3rd Quarter Recipient

November 19, 2018

The Hanna SPCA was the third recipient of a generous donation from the members of 100+ Women Hanna.  $5,225 will go a long way to help pay their bills and keep providing a safe and warm environment for stray or temporarily lost fur friends.

The SPCA takes in and cares for approximately 120 stray or ownerless animals every year from all over East Central Alberta. At any time, we are caring for an estimated 30 cats and 1 dog. The SPCA acts as the pound for the Town of Hanna, as well as a lost-and-found pet service for the community. We also operate a feral cat “catch-and-release” program to help in controlling the local stray population. The SPCA also draws a number of visitors in to the community for adoptions. In 2016/17, adopters came from as far as Grande Prairie, Slave Lake, Lethbridge, North Battleford, and Revelstoke.

Our annual income averages roughly $55 000; mostly from private donations, a grant from the town of Hanna, and fundraising activities. Our annual expenses generally total approximately $57,000. The expenses consist mostly of veterinary costs, daily animal care supplies, and facility expenses (such as utilities).

Volunteers Still Needed

One of our greatest challenges for the SPCA, outside of finances, is finding long-term volunteers. The SPCA has no paid staff and is operated only by dedicated volunteers. There is a simple application process for potential volunteers. Volunteers can give as much time as they would like to, from one, generally 2 hour shift per month to 5+ per week, if they were highly ambitious. A shift consists of administering medications, basic cleaning, scooping litter boxes & walking any dogs in our care, and most important of all…interacting with the animals! There are also board positions open for those who would like to volunteer a different way.

The SPCA strives to provide the best service to our community, and a caring temporary (or in some cases permanent) home to our animal friends. Feel welcome to stop by for a visit, the cats and our volunteers would love to have you!


(403) 854-3700