Hanna Dance Association

100+ Women Hanna is proud to present $4,900 to Hanna Dance Association.

Pictured on behalf of Hanna Dance Association are Amanda Olsen, Shannon McBride and Shasta Vandervies. Missing is LaWanda McKillop.

Hanna Dance Association has been a parent run non profit organization since it was formed  in 1990 by a group of local moms who had the desire and drive to offer this art to their children in and around Hanna.   “The purpose of the dance association is to handle the administrative duties which allows the teachers the freedom to concentrate on dance instruction.  Our goal is to provide quality dance instruction at affordable prices. HDA strives to create a positive experience for all students and hopes to provide quality training while maintaining the fun aspect of dance.”  

Currently we have 99 members aged 2 to adult! Not all our members are from Hanna  but travel here from Youngstown, Delia, Byemoor, Sunnynook, Handhills and Craigmyle.  The fact that we have so many that travel to join our dance family is testament to our positive atmosphere and values and hugely in part to our  amazing teachers who are all local ladies who have careers, businesses and families here. We have 6 full time teachers who also have training in kinesiology, first aid, early childhood development, ballet training with the Edmonton school of ballet,  acro certification and attend workshops and conferences yearly. 4 of our teachers actually grew up and danced with HDA and have returned to share their love of dance with our community and area.

HDA has always had low registration fees and we strive to keep it that way and to this day are the lowest costing studio when compared to similarly sized clubs. Dancers can take a class for the year which consists of 24 classes for $180. Each additional class is then $120.  We then use a portion of these fees to pay our teachers and student teachers which is approximately $47,000/yr and the remainder is used for General operating expenses ie cleaning fees, community centre rental for stage rehearsal and our recital, equipment etc. We do a casino every 2-3yrs and use these funds to pay our rent of $9,000.

  Our Student teachers are dancers aged 12yrs and up who shadow the teachers and help in weekly classes, during festivals, picture week and stage rehearsal.  This is all on a volunteer basis for 2 yrs then they can step into a paid student teacher position if the teachers feel they are qualified and some have gone on to be current teachers with us.  Our classes run Monday-Thursday with extra classes running Friday-Sunday. We offer Tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, baby ballet, hip hip, baby hop, boys hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and acro. In past years we have also offered Zumba, core, Ballet booty camp and stretch classes.

Our studios also get used by clubs in town when they are available.  For example Stage Hanna, Hanna Minor Hockey, Epic Adventures, Kick Boxing to name a few as well as silks classes that are put on by Miss Elizabeth Snell.

In past years HDA has done several community based fundraisers that have involved children and adults!  Some but not all have included a BBQ sponsored by The Brick, bottle drives, Dancing with the stars, our A NIGHT IN PARIS Daddy daughter dance,  live and silent auctions and raffle draws. We have also offered summer dance camps, team building days for our students and every year try to take dancers to the lodge and nursing home.  Our dancers enjoy pyjama week, Halloween week, bring a friend week, parent week and during valentines week we focus on self love and respect. We also have role model Mondays and dancer of the month.  Our dancers attend 4 dance festivals in the spring and have been very successful at what they do and have brought home trophies, plaques, banners and scholarships. Scholarship winnings go into a pay it forward fund which was developed by HDA dancers approximately 7yrs ago and one of those dancers is now one of our teachers. With this scholarship the teachers pick 3 dancers, one from each level to receive a scholarship from HDA. This goes to a dancer who has shown dedication, friendship, sportsmanship and improvement throughout the season.  Dancers have also given back to the community by raising funds for local groups at one of our festivals that we attend yearly. Groups that have benefited from our dancers are the SPCA, the new playground at JCC, The Hanna and district youth fund, The Food Bank and this year the dancers will be dancing their hearts out and raising funds for the breakfast program at JC CHARYK school. 

  For the last 2 years we have been actively fundraising for our studio upgrades with a projected renovation budget of just over $74,000.  Our fundraisers are done as a club as a whole! Dancers of all ages, parents and grandparents have worked together to make our fundraisers all a success.  We are working on replacing the 2 studio floors at a cost of approximately $47,000 which we have been able to purchase from a local business HANNA COOP. The renovations also include a new storage area costing roughly $23,000  and we have recently had the studios repainted by a local company for just over $3,000. Like anything this takes time, money and the support from our members, community and town staff. We recently finished a Value Village funDrive which not only helps us but also the Canadian diabetes association and helps keep items out of the landfills. We will also be planning a bottle drive for the spring and are excited to begin work on a new and exciting event for  the community our spring Showcase Fundraiser. As you can see we have been and are currently working very hard to achieve our goals.

The money from tonight will greatly help in cutting  the cost of the renovations and help us ensure we are giving our dancers a safe base to dance on.  Currently the dance studios have a sport court type click together floor. It’s made specifically for sports but can be used for dance but isn’t ideal.  The tiles shift so toes and knees get pinched, scraped and bruised. Pointe shoes get shredded and tap shoes have actually made gauges from the screws. We are very excited to be installing a high grade dance floor with a proper subfloor.  

We have currently ordered and paid for  the flooring for Studio 1 and will install it during the November break but due to the price increases in the last couple of years we are still needing to raise $13,000 in order to replace the floors in Studio 2 and still have enough to pay for the storage renovation and our general operating expenses.  

   If we are not the lucky recipients tonight we are a club with very driven and motivated parents and dancers and will work even harder to try and meet our goals to provide safe studios for our dancers and community clubs and in true  gracious dancer etiquette will congratulate and be happy for the receiving organization.

The HDA executive and members thank you all for giving us this opportunity to speak to you this evening.

Thank you,
HDA Executive and members