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 Meet the Steering Committee Members

Laurie ArmstrongLaurie Armstrong and her husband Jeff are long term Hanna residents.  Laurie is the Director of Business & Communication for the Town of Hanna managing the marketing, communications and IT requirements of the organization.  Together,  Jeff and Laurie have two children who both live and work in Calgary.  Being involved in non-profit organizations over the years, Laurie believes that sustainable and strong volunteer organizations are essential in rural Alberta.  Without these Volunteers and their organizations, our communities would not have the variety of programs, services and amenities that we have come to rely on for our  unmatched quality of life.

Tannis VoltnerTannis Voltner grew up in the big city and is a “transplant” to Hanna, where she and her husband have resided for the last 20+ years, raising their family.  She loves her job, and the phenomenal people she works with at the Hanna Medical Clinic.  One of the biggest differences Tannis noticed when moving from the city was the sense of community and the importance of volunteering, and the impact it has in smaller centres.  Many organizations, services and groups would just not operate at all without the people that dedicate their time and effort to making things happen.  She has enjoyed many volunteer activities throughout the years with involvement in several different organizations, and looks forward to continuing to do so for many more years.

Kim BarthKim Barth returned to settle into her hometown almost ten years ago with her husband and two children.  Kim has taken an active role in establishing community connections to enrich the lives of seniors, families and youth. Hanna would not be the community it is without the strong relationships between volunteers, charities, and non profit organizations.  It is her hope, through this organization, that we can collectively build relationships and give back to our community that gives so much to us.